Artlette Art Studio

301 Upper Thomson Road, Thomson Plaza, #03-18, Singapore 574408 and 61 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8, Jubilee Square, #02-05, Singapore 569814

At Artlette Art Studio, every classes are specially designed to offer the best quality programme, supplies and studio space for the students. Promoting everyday art, they hope to incorporate art into your daily life. Artlette studios offer kids, portfolio preparation, hobbyists classes, curated series of workshops, personalised private lessons, events and parties.

The team behind Artlette believes painting strengthens memory and helps to develop critical thinking skills. Painting constantly challenges both sides of the brain in making decision on how to paint creatively and improve problem solving skills on how to make right a painting. They want to reduce the high levels of stress and anxiety that contribute to mental-health issues in the society. Focusing on painting helps mind to relax, leads to a happier and healthier lifestyle with a sense of accomplishment in the process of painting and completing an artwork.