Arts & Design

At Artlette, our classes are specially designed to offer the best quality programme, supplies and studio space for the students. Promoting everyday art, we hope to incorporate art into your daily life.

Inspired by the Brazilian Portuguese word ‘Cafuné’, which translate roughly into the act of running one’s fingers through the hair of a loved one. Crafune endeavours to combine the act of expressing love and craftwork.

Since 2015, Fashion Makerspace began our journey to provide a creative, friendly and nurturing environment in the fields of fashion, dressmaking & digital design for our valued students & partners

Inspired to bring a tinge of mother nature into everyone’s living space by creating a living nature in jars. Started by a couple whom are passionate about greeneries

Hand Lettering and Calligraphy classes for learners of all ages at affordable rates!

Founded by a teacher-student pair of Chew Seow Phuang and Alvin Yong in 2002, Clay-Street offers classes for pottery, sculpture, mosaic and fusion arts. Our teaching format is one-on-one so as to allow every student to progress at own pace. We have a full-facility professional Pottery Studio located just 8min walk from Commonwealth MRT station.

Josieletters is offer both lettering services and private workshops to anybody who is keen in calligraphy. No prior knowledge is needed!

Cultivate interest & appreciation in Fine Art. Deliver concrete skills and foundation. Provide knowledge that supports the freedom of individual expression

A space for curious, creative and inquisitive minds that love to create and play. Every child is an artist and we believe that there is beauty in imperfection. We aim to create a meaningful and enriching art experience to empower the little ones as well as those who are still young at heart through kinaesthetic art activities.

At Petite Bar, we focus on teaching DIY jewellery crafts and maintaining your fashion game through the launch of our statement jewellery. That aside, we have a small corner in our hearts dedicated to pet owners who wants a memorabilia of their pet, in felt wool form.

Cindy ko, U.K. trained florist, 23 years experience in floral design helm her own business , ROSEBUD (formerly known as Bouquet D’or Flora Art) has imparted her floral design skills and creativity to hundreds of successful students who took her lessons for the purpose of leisure and business.

Vinreh was created by Joyce to explore and express her creativity as well as giving everyone the opportunity to create their own unique handcrafted jewellery. Her passion for sharing, led to the birth of her popular workshops which are run in various locations such as cafes, event spaces and even in your own home!

With 4 branches across Singapore, Art Grain offers a wide variety of fun and exciting art classes for both children and adults. Their specially curated and customised programs target to build up individual’s art techniques and skills in drawing and painting.

ArtClaytion was founded in 2018 by a fashion artist/illustrator based in Singapore and Malaysia. Well known for illustrating her designs through watercolor and nail polish, she hosts a variety of fashion workshops to get you started in the fashion design journey.

At Artist Tique Co Art Studio, every artist is nurtured in a space that inspires and supports their creative process. The biophilic art studio located at Lavender Street is surrounded by lush greenery and has everything one would need to paint in a therapeutic space. 

Artz Graine Studio of Kreative Artz, is a leading art studio that creates a platform for art cultivation. We provide art invitational education to stimulate an inquisitive mind. Fully committing ourselves in equipping you with art techniques and skills with a creative eye. The measure of our classes is how well we have served our students.

Founded by a Aude, a florist, photographer, lifestyle reporter and content producer in France. Through her strong passion in floral, she has built an amazing portfolio of work and specialises in flower workshops including the Bouquet in Vase Workshop for beginners!

Dan Takeda Flower & Design was founded by Dan Takeda-san who started his flower journey in the year of 2005 and in Japan, Tokyo. Dan Takeda Flower & Design was founded in 2008 in Singapore and got into fame shortly with recognitions from luxury brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton. Apart from engagements in corporate work, they do events and wedding ceremonies and even hosting occasion workshops!

The team behind Dawn Q Floral Design is a group of passional florists. They are a one-stop floral business catering to flower delivery, flower bouquets, floral table arrangements, wedding flowers, floral gifts and even workshops for flowers lover. Workshop is good for anyone with or without prior knowledge.

With over 10 years of photography experience, Elodie Bellegarde was founded by Elodie to share ideas and knowledge of the industry with the public. Experience working with various food magazines, hotels, and even wrote a cookbook, she is also a styling consultant in food plating.

Specialising in metalsmithing, Fat Anvil Studios strong beliefs in the value of individually handcrafted jewelries in opposed to mass production. The team behind Fat Anvil Studios is fully certified and trained to ensure they are able to offer the best guidance in the area.

Since opening it’s Academy in 2013, First Code Academy has taught over 15,000 students. With their focus on the next generation, they hope to groom them into the next tech geeks! First Code Academy offers a wide array of programs from games development, animation, applications development, website building or even 3D graphics.

Ran by a dedicated team of ceramicist and artists, Goodman Ceramics Studio is located in Goodman Art Centre. In this 2 hours trial class, you will be taken through various aspects of working with clay and guidance in crafting your own pottery piece.

INA.SHEA was started by INA and SHEA where they seek to create artistic and creative floral works with the usage of botanical elements. Bringing together good testimonials from clients across all kind of events and occasions, the team behind INA.SHEA also hopes to share their knowledge through workshops on hand-tied bouquet and vase arrangement.

Liberty Art Jam was established in 2014 to offer a wide range of arts services catering to children, adults and corporate customers. Believing that painting is one of the therapeutic activities, the team hopes to influence more art lovers to slow down their pace in life and start their journey into the art space.

Specialises in design and crafting fine jewellery, Liz B hopes to influence more jewellery lovers to start creating their very own jewelries. Their signature basic jewellery making workshop will guide you through the making process with beads and a wide range of natural crystals and gemstones.

With over 14 years of professional ceramics experience, Mud Rock was established to provide ceramics that can serve us daily, from bowls to sculpture.

Phocus Academy was founded in 2009 to bring people who is keen to learn photography together. With their passion in photography, the team behind Phocus Academy hosts regular workshops, outings and exhibitions.

The team behind Pictorial has put together over 30 years of professional photography experience in the corporate world. Pictorial was founded in 2005 to provide both photography services and photography training. Since it’s establishment, they have reached over 20,000 participants on their workshops.

Having worked on multiple community projects, the founding member of Qi Pottery picked up the skills in the prison. They host regular pottery workshops for both beginners and intermediate customers who are looking to start their pottery journey or to push their pottery skills to advanced level.

One of the most trusted schools and authorised training partner for IMDA, NLB, People’s Association and Digital Maker Programme, Roboto Coding Academy provides very personalised, progressive tracking, and student-centric lessons for ages 6 to 16 years old.

At School of Clay Arts, SOCA, they aims to provide a conducive learning experience for all levels of learners. The intro to pottery workshop is suitable for anyone who has a passion for ceramics and pottery.

Stone for Gold was founded in 2008 and has since started creating fine leather products and fashionable accessories. Workshops suitable for beginners include small leather crafting, leather stitching and more.

The team behind Studio Asobi is a couple who started this journey from their regular hobby which eventually turned them into a full-time potters. They are are very passionate about pottery and enjoys spending time creating new pottery works and sharing their knowledge through classes.

Established in 2014, Tertiary Course is one of the school that offers the most number of courses and cater to children, adults and working professionals. Their learning catalogue ranges from Infocomm Technology (IT), to Digital Media Design, Robotics, Fintech, Business, Aerospace, Life Sciences and even Data Science!

The Common Bench was founded to provide education in the area of woodwork and ceramics. They have curated programs to suit every individuals which include design thinking, cardboard prototyping, 3D modeling, up-cycling and many more. Whether the customer is a kid, young adults or adults, they have something for everyone.

Started in 2012, The General Co has nurtured and groomed numerous talents in leather crafting. They are one of the pioneers in providing leather crafting and designing education to the public through easily accessible and affordable workshops.

The Good Designers was founded in 2015 as a digital training agency. They are specialise in design training workshop, unleashing your creativity, and putting your ideas into videos or digital marketing materials.

One of the longest pottery establishments in Singapore, Thow Kwang Pottery started since 1965. From the year 2001 onwards, the team behind Thow Kwang Pottery has been promoting awareness and sharing their knowledge to the public through their thoughtfully curated workshops. You can definitely expect the most authentic experience from their workshops.

Visual Arts Centre located above Dhoby Ghaut MRT is a 5500 square feet glass-house exhibition gallery and an art studio. With support from National Parks Board, the centre is one of the most premier arts recreational centre in Singapore.

Wabi Sabi specialises in fine jewelries. In their signature foundational jewelry making workshop, you will get to hands-on 3 pair of earrings and 1 gemstone necklace. All jewelries lover will sure to walk home with basic skills needed to start their jewelry making journey.

With growing interest in painting as a hobbyist in Singapore, Yue Hwa Chinese Products has branched out into the educational business by offering porcelain painting trial classes. Through these classes, you will get to experience and hands-on the creation of your own coloured porcelain art piece.