Trial Your Dream is Singapore’s first learning platform that features trial classes, basic workshops and introductory lessons. Read and browse reviews & ratings submitted by the customers. Book the classes provided by our partners to get exclusive rates. All classes listed on our portal are suitable for beginners to trial.
Anybody could submit a review and rate the lesson providers. Reviewers could choose to upload a picture or provide their email address when they submit the review. Mandatory fields are Name, Class Attended, Review description and Ratings.
Signing up through Trial Your Dream will entitle you to some exclusive perks. This includes cheaper class fees as compared to you going directly to the lesson provider and in some listings, further discount if you were to continue after the first session. Do check out the individual class listing page for more information!
We will need your full payment to connect you with our lesson providers. The payment will help to reserve you a seat in the lesson. Upon receipt of your payment, you’ll receive a confirmation email from Trial Your Dream for confirmation of booking (almost immediately). Next, the lesson provider will reach out directly to you for some follow-up instructions or to share the exact locations with you.
Of course you can! Please do also take note that some of our classes have age requirement. Do check out the Requirements section under the individual class listing page for eligibility criteria. In the check-out page, please fill up the name of the person attending the class.
Please write in to Trial Your Dream team at hello@trialyourdream.com. Most of our classes are non-refundable. Do find out more about the cancellation policy under the Terms and Conditions of the respective class listing page. We would propose that you go with the option of rescheduling to another class slot (if applicable) or transfer it to a friend or family member who is keen to take over.
In this scenario, it is one of the unfortunate cases. Trust us that Trial Your Dream will never allow our lesson provider to cancel the classes unless on urgent cases or that minimum pax requirements are not met. However, if it does, we offer 100% money back guarantee. Alternatively, you could also reschedule your slot to the next available timing. It’s up to your call!
Unfortunately, this is not possible. If the listing has explicitly mentioned that it is valid only for first timer, repeat customer will not be allowed into the class. No refunds will be given to you if you’ve already paid for it. Trial Your Dream practice a strict rules in ensuring our first timer gets the exclusive deal only.
Private class may not necessarily be 1 to 1 class. Private class means that it is conducted in a private setting and you could sign-up for the class together with a group of friends to meet the minimum pax to start a class. You will not be put into a class together with another group of people.
Group classes mean that you will have the chance to interact with other people in the same class. You could see this as a group workout class where different people comes together to attend a class.
We welcome any new dreams. Please write in to hello@trialyourdream.com or fill up the form from Contact Us. We will definitely try our best to make them available on our platform.
We are always on a look-out and welcome any eligible lesson providers to have their classes listed with us. However, the general rule of thumb is that there should not be repeated offerings on Trial Your Dream. Every listing has to be unique. If you have an unique offering, write in to hello@trialyourdream.com with your proposal!