Fashion Makerspace

258A South Bridge Road, Singapore 058807

Inspired by the culture & practices of makerspaces in the west, Fashion Makerspace was born to inspire growth & fuel the passion of learning in a conducive, open & friendly environment.

Since 2015, they began their journey to provide a creative, friendly and nurturing environment in the fields of fashion, dressmaking & digital design for their valued students & partners. Aspiring to bring artisanal sewing & patternmaking skills into the makers’ hands, and letting them into the gratifying experience of realizing their creations. Over the years, Fashion Makerspace has grown into a community bonded by creative skills, knowledge & camaraderie.

They hope to ENABLE everyone and anyone with this treasured craft, from kids to adults, whether for their personal interest, cause or livelihood, to pursue this journey and along the way, delve deeper into how their skills can help others and the environment.