Health & Fitness

Established since 2013, we are a private studio of strong and diverse personal trainers united by our culture of being client focused, training with intention and empowering the community around us.

Coach Jun’s 20 years of Golfing experience in Social and League games gave him the chance to understand various Golf Swings, from Juniors, Adult Men to Ladies. With all these experiences and a trained eye, he will be able to point out your mistakes easily and improve your Golf Swing with simple Golf Instructions and Golf Drills. He believes that one has to gain new knowledge and improve Golf after any Golf Coach session.

Ashton Movements Agency (A.M.A)
is a leading performance agency in Singapore specializing in a wide range of body movement disciplines such as free running and parkour. Our services include performances, stunt works, choreography, photo shoots and many others, provided by more than ten skilled self-taught performers who are seniors in the local parkour and free running community.

Taking You Beyond Yourself. You might be feeling that the world is with you, or against you. Whatever physical, mental or emotional state you are in, you are bound to leave Bliss Shala feeling ridiculously blissful. (or even just a teeny bit better). That’s our promise.

Located conveniently near the heart of Singapore, Lotus Yog – Yoga Studio offers you an authentic and simple style of hatha yoga from Bangalore, India.

In crafting this experience we have aimed for our center to function not simply as a training ground, but a complex physical fitness experience which each person can further tailor to their specific needs, to their own reality.

Our founders had a vision — to create a gym that was as much a great place to exercise as an environment to bond with fellow Pulse Lab Addicts.

Shogun Fight Gym specialises in sports education and the combat arts such as Sports Sciences, General Fitness, Street Defence Combat.

With over 18 years of competitive experience and having won multiple championship trophies on a global level, Coach Kazuki, also a former National player is here to share his experience and coach you to be the next Tennis Star.

With a combined experience exceeding 50 years, 24x Fitness specialises in personal training programs for all customer needs. They have 2 branches at the moment, located in Bugis and Paya Lebar respectively and operates 24 hours!

Started in the United States, with presence in North America, Latin America, Middle East, Europe and Asia, 9Round has a 30 minutes kickboxing circuit workout program catering to all fitness levels.

One of the leading indoor cycling studios in Asia, Absolute You offers 360 fitness solutions ranging from Pilates, to Cycling and Yoga classes. With its first boutique studio launched in Thailand in 2002, it has been one of the pioneers to introduce various fitness programs in Asia.

A fitness company in the Eastern part of Singapore, Active Fitness helps their customer in achieving their fitness goals through a combination of HIIT sessions, boxing, spinning, personal training and nutritional means.

Asian Golf Centre (AGC) was established in 1993. The team behind AGC has put together decades of golfing experience in the international competitive settings.

Singapores’s first rebounding fitness studio, BBounce offers a wide range of strength and cardio training programs for all profile of customers. Their programs are specially designed to include mini trampolines with resistance bands, weights and strength training to ensure every workout is dynamic, fun and special!

Founded by two national swimmers, Beat X Studio houses 4 specialty fitness workouts namely the Boxing, Riding, Rebounding and Battleground. All fitness programs are specially curated and customised to help customers increase agility, increase strength and ultimately achieve your fitness goals and beyond.

Strongly believing in no shortcuts to getting a healthy and fit body, the team behind Body Engineers focus on getting the results the right way through a series of customised fitness programs and nutritional plans.

All workout classes are guaranteed to be fun, Box Office Fitness offers a boxing inspired training that targets your full body. Get together, train together and be sure to burn up to 1000 calories each workout.

Breathe Pilates was founded in 2011 with the belief that age and pain should not have a liability on your movement. Their motto to move better, feel better and live better. Breathe Pilates also provides a one-on-one consultation with their doctors to customise the best workout regime for each customer.

The 6 main elements of Crucyle to take you on the fitness journey – Indoor Cycling, 50 minutes, dark room, all levels, whole body experience and togetherness. Since its establishment of Crucycle, it has also evolved into one of the leading fitness and lifestyle brand across Asia.

Being the only established cheerleading organization in Singapore, Dion Eng Cheerleading Allstars (DECS) is formed by cheerleaders from 7 years old and up. Be sure to pick up some stunting techniques, gymnastics, jump elements and dance choreography from their classes.

Being an athlete himself, Edmund started this golf school to nurture and groom more golf players, both junior and collegiate golf. The training program was specially designed based on his professional exposure in the golfing world.

At Field Assembly, you can expect to find quality Strength training, HIIT classes, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai and even Yoga classes. To ensure customers get the best experience, every classes adhere to a coach to student ratio.

Fight G MMA Academy focuses on competitive training methodologies which you do not find in most other mixed martial arts gym. Their services range from Muay Thai, to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, to Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts, Fight Class, Extreme Conditioning and even Personal Training.

Fight Zone has a specialised quick training program that targets at the working professionals who have shorter time to spare and yet able to achieve their fitness and health needs. Their 9 zones 30 minutes program consists of a well balance between Muay Thai and HIIT.

Fitness and Martial Arts (FaMA) is a Martial Arts gym studio located in the heart of Singapore. They offer a wide range of training from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to Muay Thai and has programs for both the young and the adult.

Freedom Yoga is committed to create spaces and bring yoga lovers together. Their goal is to turn Yoga into a Lifestyle for everyone.

Offering both tennis for kids and tennis for adults classes, Future Sports Academies strive to deliver quality tennis programs through the incorporation of the latest gaming techniques.

Having featured in various media, Gold’s Gym specialises in customised training programs tailored to each customer needs. Whether you are looking for a program to bulk up your physique, weight management or strength training, they have it all.

Golf Coach offers various programs that fit customer of all ages and of all levels of proficiency. Whether you are looking for private classes or group classes, they have all options that suit you best.

Started in 2016, Ground Up Climbing Gym offers professional rock climbing coaching services that are suitable for both kids and adults. It is also a place to bring all the Rock climbing lovers together.

Ground Zero offers fitness programs in a totally different kind of experience. With the usage of professional sound and light systems, you can expect a journey from sweating it out through the intensity of the workouts to partying in a nightclub.

GymKraft is one of the leading school to provide Gymnastics, Parkour, Trampoline and Aerial Fitness Programs. Their classes cater to both children and adults. Being the largest gymnastic centre in Singapore, they are also building a common space for all passionate individuals to get together to share their knowledge.

Started by The Fitness Project Co, they offer Hydrofit Zen and Hydrofit Pump to bring regular high intensity workouts to a floating mat on a swimming pool. You can expect a full body workout with lots of fun in their classes.

With mission to introduce quality Muay Thai training programs at affordable rates, the team behind JR Muay Thai is dedicated to enhance your self-defense skills and a healthier lifestyle.

Joysfin Swimming has over 15 years of teaching experience and has helped many customers to swim. All age groups of customers are welcomes whether babies, kids or even adults. In addition to learning how to swim, Joysfin offers Lifesaving courses too!

Muay Art Fitness (MAF) offers various martial arts classes in Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Boxing. Every members behind the team of MAF have got very impressive achievements in the field and are definitely qualified to take you on the journey of Martial Arts.

One of the leading Yoga gym in Singapore, Platinum Yoga offers five elements of Yoga – Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Each of these elements target on different outcome. Customers of different needs and expectations can definitely benefit from the wide range of classes they offer.

Por Vida Skateboarding is a place where you get to learn how to skate using a skateboard. They have a huge customer base of both kids and adults.

Started in 2015, Rising Fitness has been benefiting customers in various fitness needs. Leveraging on data driven modern training techniques with combination of nutritional protocols, the team behind Rising Fitness is sure to help you achieve your fitness goals with a breeze.

One of the rowing boutique studio in Singapore, Row Revolution believes that even with zero-impact and weightless workout programs can help customers with their fitness goals. It is fun, activates muscle group from your entire body, improve your posture and it requires a perfect combination of strength and endurance.

Started in 2019, Singapore Calisthenics Academy is the first Calisthenics Gym in Singapore. You can expect the 4 main group exercises that they specialise in – Introduction to Calisthenics to learn more about the fundamentals, Handstand & Mobility, Cali HIIT to work on various muscle groups and strength training, as well as Calisthenics 1 that includes push-ups, pull-ups, leg raises together with basic cardio.

Taekwondonomics is one of the most well established Taekwondo school in Singapore with 15 world champion coaches, over thousands of students and 8 gyms islandwide. The team behind Taekwondonomics has put together over 20 years of relevant experience and served both kids and adults learner.

The Faculty’s Calisthenics training programs are formed on the hybrid concept of Calisthenics, Yoga and HIIT. Check out their weekly training program on either Power+Strength or Hypertrophy+Muscular Endurance.

The forge has been building a community of fitness enthusiastic individuals. The trainers behind The Forge focus on two programmes namely the Olympic Weightlifting Program and Strength & Conditioning Program.

The Garage focuses on circuit training that develops your mind and body. You can expect very customised person training sessions to HIIT group classes at The Garage.

A 24 hours gym in the heart of Bugis area, The Loft Gym is one of the most well equipped boutique gym in Singapore with state-of-the-art gym facilities. It is definitely you one-stop place to get fit, healthy, more energised and look better.

The Moving Body Group offers a wide range of services to help customers improve their agility and movement through Pilates, GYROTONIC, Functional Training, Physiotherapy and Massage sessions.

Ultimate Golf provides professional golf coaching for juniors, beginners, intermediate, advanced players and even Handicap players. Every lessons are customised based on the customer level of proficiency in Golf.

Having featured in various media platforms, Uppercut is a boxing studio that combines boxing workout with music and lifestyle elements. All levels of boxers are welcomed to join them for a good full body workout.

Urban Fitness has an approach that focuses on building the fitness mentality of its customers as the team embark on the fitness journey together. It’s about a healthy lifestyle that matters.

New to Barre? It is a workout that combines ballet, yoga, pilates and strength training into a single workout. At WeBarre, you can expect Barre workouts that target balancing, focussing on isometric holds together with series of movements.

Yoga Bar was founded in 2014 to make Yoga accessible to the public. With the wide variety of Yoga classes Yoga Bar offers, you can definitely find a class that suits anyone, from young to old and from beginner to intermediate Yoga practitioner.

With 4 outlets islandwide, Yoga Inc offers a variety of Yoga classes whether hot or non-hot. Established since 2013, Yoga Inc has successfully helped many individuals to attain their fitness goals through Yoga.

Everyone of various fitness levels can expect a fun experience with boOm Singapore through their series of Boxing classes. They also cater to public who would want to consider non-boxing classes with their BoomCIRCUIT and boOmCAMP that focus on agility, strength training and endurance.