Insights of a Dream Coach: Feed your heart and soul with things that excite you

Hello, I am Emma Chong, I am an Illustrator and Visual Artist based in Singapore. I am the founder of Fleurabbit Studio. I draw inspiration from the everyday life of urban livings. My personal works of art revolve around topics of time and space, femininity and womanhood in disguise of floral symbols.

How did you start your painting journey?

“I have always been that arty-farty kid since young and that my journey with Art started since my secondary school days. I have also went through 3 years of solid fine art training from the Art & Design Department of CHHS Kluang Malaysia, where I got to explore traditional fine art techniques like charcoal drawing, watercoloring and oil painting, chinese ink painting, pottery, design and the list goes on. Then I decided to further my study in Fine Art at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts Singapore (NAFA) major in Printmaking. However, I didn’t start a career in Art right away after college. After working in the design industry for a few years, I decided to not waste a minute of my life building a career that I am not most passionate about. So, one fine day, I just took a leap of faith and started running my illustration business. Ever since, I have been working joyfully as an illustrator and visual artist.”

Is being an Artist always your dream?

“Oh yes, it is. However, to me “Artist” is just a title that someone earned or categorised themselves in a society. In fact, I think anyone that practices art, constantly pursue art and choose to live a life that never stop discovering art, which includes Music, Dance, Theatre and Literature, they shouldn’t be afraid to call themselves an Artist. After all, art is a lifestyle, a lifetime of passion and learning. You can never, at any point of your life, stop learning about art. All kinds of art form is just a creative tool for human beings to express themselves and document history, it is an essential part of human nature.”

What have you done to reach your achievements today?

“The passion and love for art is what motivates me to move on. In fact, I have yet to reach my ultimate career goal as an artist. I shall continue to discover and will share with you more till i am there.”

Why did you start teaching?

“I decided to start teaching when I realised that I have to share my knowledge and the process of creation with like-minded people. I aimed for every opportunity to reach out to the community and build a relationship with each of my participant. That explains why the class size of my regular Saturday workshops are usually kept at maximum of 6 pax per session. I want my students to get all the attention they need, and in a smaller setting I get to know them better and build a deeper relationship with each and every students who step into the classroom. I told my student that they should see me as a life coach, and they are free to ask me about watercolour painting or whatever art related stuff. Whenever they need my help, I always try to make myself available to guide them as much as I could.”

Any advice to the dream chasers out there?  

“Life is a journey, allow yourself to pursue things that matter to your heart and soul. Feed your heart and soul with things that excite you and it shall sustain you for the rest of your life. Take the first step and the rest will follow!”

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