Insights of a Dream Coach: Find your own style, then make it strong and unique

Hi, I’m Giselle, the founder of Wishing Upon A Cake – a home business that not only provides artisan jellies for your celebration needs, but also hold workshops and provide tools (specific for this jelly art) for people who are interested in picking up this art.

How did you start your Jelly Cake Making journey?

“I wanted to personally make birthday cakes for my children but I wasn’t confident in baking, so I did some research and discovered this flower art that got me hooked on ever since. Wishing Upon A Cake was then founded as an expansion of my personal hobby. Now, my children gets to design their own birthday cake while I make their dreams come true.”

Is being a Cake Designer always your dream?

“Definitely not, because I’m not someone who can cook nor bake; in fact, I hardly stepped into the kitchen before this! I started off with the traditional agar agar and then ventured into 3D floral jelly which eventually became my forte. Designing a cake and bringing it into life is really therapeutic for me. I’m extremely glad that I’ve stumbled into this hobby! It’s not too far from my childhood dream though, which was to become a fashion designer. I still get to unleash my creativity!”

What have you done to reach your achievements today?

“One word – perseverance!! The same goes for any other success stories!”

Why did you start teaching?

“It all started when customers who had ordered my jelly cakes got so intrigued by them and started asking if I do conduct classes. So I thought, why not? It was amusing to watch the students whipping out their phones during the class and exchanging pictures of the jellies they had ordered from me previously. Oh! And the beaming faces you see when all the students un-mould their very first jelly – All of them feeling proud and accomplished! Seeing this makes me feel proud and a strong sense of accomplishment too!”

Any advice to the dream chasers out there?

“Take your time to find your own style & then make it strong and unique. Always be excited about your own work; true passion will show in it.  Keep going, keep going, keep going, because you can only get better!”

Get started on your Cake Design journey too by signing up for a 3D Jelly Art Cake Workshop with Wishing Upon A Cake today.

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