Insights of a Dream Coach: Take the first step or your dream will just be a dream forever

Hi, I am Serena from Nanatang. Nanatang is a bake-house and studio in Singapore, a place where we create customised cakes and desserts, and at the same time, we impart skills and knowledge about baking and cake decorating.

I am the head-caketist of Nanatang. Most of the customised cakes and desserts table are created and handmade by me. I also hold classes in my studio where I teach mostly the basic foundations such as buttercream cake, macarons and cake pops.

When did you start your baking journey?

“I started since I was 16 years old (more than 10 years ago). I just wanted to make some desserts for myself because I have a sweet tooth. After that, I realised I really enjoy baking! After which, I started exploring many different recipes and got myself started doing customised cake designs. The more I do, the better i get! My friends are very supportive as well. They started to buy cakes from me and it made me smile when they enjoyed it.”

Is being a Pastry Chef your dream?

“I would say yes! Up till today, I’ve never regretted choosing this path in my life. I am really happy doing what I love.”

What have you done to reach your achievements today?

“Positive thinking. Keep working on it and never give up. I asked myself before, what else can I do or what else I would like to do. I could not think of anything else in my mind other than doing what I’m doing now. I love to create cakes. I love to share my knowledge and skills. So, I just have to keep doing it and make it works. I try not to compare myself with the others but focus on what I do best.”

Why did you start teaching?

“An instructor from Korea is the one who got me involved in teaching. She saw my work online and approached me for a collaboration to do classes in Singapore and that was about 4 years ago. The classes were about Korean buttercream flowers piping. Without much experience, i did my best to organise and plan out the learning programs. It turned out to be a huge success and what is important is that I enjoyed the whole process from planning to organising to teaching. Since then, I knew this is something I enjoy doing and that I want to continue doing it.”

Any advice to the dream chasers out there?

“Dreaming is easy but realising a dream is not. It takes a lot of courage, effort, time and money. They are the essentials to achieve a dream. There is nothing such as a shortcut! No one says it’s easy. But if you don’t take the first step, your dream will just be a dream forever. ACT ON IT.”

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