Insights of a Dream Coach: You are what you repeatedly do and what you repeatedly think

Hi, my name is Elinn, founder and Fitness Expert of E’s FITNESS PTE LTD. As everyone is different, they are not made to train the same way. So I analyse their needs and guide them by creating a customised fitness program. I train people based on their individual needs and eventually assist them in becoming the best version of themselves.

When did you start your fitness journey?


“I started my Fitness Journey when I was interning at Planet Fitness in 2002 as a Floor Trainer.”

Is being a Fitness Enthusiast your dream?

“Dream changes all the time. I wanted to be a full-time athlete but that is not an option for me anymore as I am permanently injured. To be one of the best Fitness Enthusiast, yes, eventually became my dream – to coach in my best ability.”

What have you done to reach your achievements today?

“I am a genuine person who train others with my heart and have not only trained hundreds of client but have led them in a much better place. On the achievements, I have also won numerous awards such as the Supreme Trainer in 2018, Best female Personal Trainer in Asia, Best Specialised Gym in Asia in 2018 and more.”

Why did you start coaching? 

“I fell into depression for about 2 years when I permanently damage my knees at around the young age of 17. However, after burying myself in the physiology of the body, spending 3 years in Sport & Wellness Management and certifying myself as a Fitness Instructor, I discovered how the muscles can be manipulated to support the joints very well. Eventually, I no longer have pain or have difficulty walking! In fact, I can still kick ass! If you look at me, I look robust and no one will even know that I have any injuries at all! Many people suffers from pain and many do not know how to use their muscles well or even the benefit of it especially as they grow older. I am inspired to motivate and enlighten these people on how they can future proof their body as well as show them how one can be dependent and strong, and even prevent osteoporosis especially for women who is 3 times higher at risk. Your body is like a vessel, it will wear and tear eventually even if you do nothing. How you maintain it to last is what anyone and everyone should do – the earlier, the better. At any situation you are in, whether you have pain or whether you are already an athlete, I am confident of bringing you to a higher level than you ever imagine. My clients are my “gold medals” now.”

Any advice to the dream chasers out there?

“You are what you repeatedly do and you are what you repeatedly think.”

E’s Fitness will cease operation at the end of October 2019. Do look out for Fitness Bravo Personal Training Trial Class or Pulse Lab Rowing 101 Trial Class to start your fitness journey instead.

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