Insights of a Dream Coach: You can succeed in making a living by doing what you love

Hi, my name is Ashton Law, Parkour pioneer (since 2001) in Singapore. I’m an instructor in Parkour, bushcraft as well as an event organizer.

When did you start doing Parkour?

“It was sometime in 2001 and I was barely 15. I was watching this TV program call “Ripley ‘s believe it or not!” in which it featured a pioneering french Parkour team (Yamakasi) and what they do. I was fascinated in how they move and the things they do. Somehow I just felt that it was something I always like to do. I later learnt that this team has their own feature movie as well. I bought the movie, analyzed their movements, put on my sneakers and started training on my own.”

Is being able to do Parkour your dream?

“I wouldn’t say being a traceur is a “dream”, but in a sense, I do feel proud that, I succeed in making a living, doing what I love and live.”

What have you done to reach your achievements today?

“Lots of hardwork and perseverance. When I first set up my company, I know nuts about business. It was simply because I like Parkour, and I believe that we do have many talented youths in Singapore. We just need to provide them a platform to shine. We have both our victories moment as well as some tough times that we went through. We never stop improving ourselves – not just our technical skills, but our soft skills and secondary skills. This mean that each of us in the team will have a skill to aid the business somehow, such as photography, videography, graphic designer, obstacle and structure set up, administrative related work etc.”

Why did you start teaching?

“We started out by doing performances. After a while we felt that more people can benefit from Parkour, and we believe that Parkour is for everybody. Whether you are young, old or even physically-challenged. For young kids it’s more of improving gross motor skills, whereas for the older folks, it’s more of improving muscular and skeletal strength.”

Any advice to the dream chasers out there?

“Be humble, your soft skills matter more than your hard skills. Keep learning, know more people because who you know matters more than what you know. Build more bridges.”

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